Ubi Franklin’s Self-Proclaimed Soon-to-be Babymama Warns Him Over Subtle Subs, Threatens to Release Harmful Evidence

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Ubi Franklin’s self-acclaimed soon-to-be fourth baby mama, and Businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa has threatened to release evidence against him if he doesn’t cease from subbing her. The US-based lady who is allegedly set to welcome the music executive’s 4th child took to her social media to issue a warning to him.

Fourth babymama

Earlier, Sandra had claimed that Ubi owed her N4million and bashed him for going on vacation to France despite not paying her the money owed, a post Ubi replied saying he would rather be silent about all the issues around the both of them.

He posted an Instagram and wrote:

“Revenge is like a drug. It can please you or ruin you. Obsession will kill logic when you need it most. I am not been brave if there was another way to do this I would. Been silent doesn’t mean guilty.”

Ubi Screenshot

In response, Sandra took swipes at Ubi, threatening to release evidence if he doesn’t cease from subbing her.

Sandra Screenshot

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