Ugandan Politician Destroys Boreholes, Other Constituency Projects Because He Wasn’t Reelected

Ugandan Lawmaker OnoBello

Patrick Okumu-Ringa, lawmaker representing Nebbi Municipality in Uganda, dismantled all the constituency projects he set up in his Municipality after he losing the last parliamentary election.

According to the lawmaker, the people of his constituency abused his generosity by not supporting his reelection bid. He proceeded to dismantle all borehole projects he had carried out during his tenure in different wards, three days after the election results were announced.

“I am hurt, but I will reconcile with them. However, for now, let them look for water elsewhere,” he said. Our people are not appreciative. All I wanted from them was votes. I have educated so many children, but all they tell me is I have done nothing,”

What do you think the reaction would be if this happened in Nigeria?

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