Understated Elegance! Lady Biba Presents Its Holiday 2015 Collection!

It’s that time of the year again! Fashion brand Lady Biba just kicked in the holiday with their 2015 Holiday Collection.

The collection features exquisitely cut dresses, jumpsuits, pants and blouses suitable for just about every occasion we’ll be attending during this festive period.

The collection has an understated elegance and subtle sexiness about it that speaks to us. Check out more pieces below!

-Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (1) -Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (2)
-Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (3) -Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (4)
-Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (5) -Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (6)
-Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (7) -Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (8)
-Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (9) -Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (10)
-Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (11) -Understated-Elegance-OnoBello (12)

Shoot credits:

Photography: Sunmisola Olorunisola

Styling: Lady Biba Team

Accessories: Mo Abi

Makeup: Deeq Looks

Models: Idera Johnson, Ife Fayankin

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