UNILAG Shuts Down Notorious ‘Cold Room’, Where Lecturers ‘Sexually Molest’ Students


The University of Lagos has shut down the ‘Cold Room’, where lecturers allegedly sexually harass students.

This was disclosed by Taiwo Oloyede, the Principal Assistant Registrar (Communication Unit) of the university.

The ‘Cold Room’ was mentioned by a lecturer of the school, Boniface Igbeneghu, who was caught on video sexually harassing an undercover journalist who posed as an admission seeker.

Mr Igbeneghu, in the BBC undercover documentary, described the secret place where lecturers meet to “touch students’ breasts” at the staff club of the university

“The so-called ‘Cold Room’ is a Functions Room that may have been abused because this is a deviation from the purpose for which it was created (meetings, seminars, events, etc),” the university spokesperson said.

According to Premium Times, Mrs Oloyede also confirmed an earlier report that Mr Igbeneghu had been suspended.

She said Mr Igbeneghu was barred from the university’s academic areas while the suspension subsists ”unless invited by a panel constituted by the University to investigate the matter”.

In a statement, Mrs Oloyede said the university management has ordered the shutdown of the “Cold Room” mentioned in the documentary for further investigation.

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