Update: Bribery Scandal & Oil Trading Deals Involving Igho Sanomi, Ibe Kachikwu & Brother Dumebi

Igho Sanomi

Mr. Igho Sanomi, Chairman, Taleveras Oil

On Sunday and Monday respectively OnoBello.com posted news on Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, his brother Dumebi Kachikwu and Mr. Igho Sanomi, the chairman of Taleveras Oil all involved in an oil trading bribery scandal. This report followed the alleged minister’s inability to deliver oil contracts to the businessman as agreed after receiving over a billion Naira in kickbacks. Click here to read that story.

Minutes after publishing this news on Social media, OnoBello.com received a phone call followed by a message from a trusted and close source to the minister denying the minister involvement in this deal. This source supplied us with an alleged statement by Sanomi. Read that statement here

After these publications, OnoBello.com has since received a number of emails from one Sindy Foster, who says she is the PR Consultant for Taleveras and Igho Sanomi.

Her fist email to us reads:

Statement” from Igho Sanomi

“My name is Sindy Foster, I am the PR Consultant for Taleveras and Igho Sanomi.  Sorry to email out of the blue, but a story published on your website has been brought to my attention.


Igho Sanomi Responds To News Of Bribery Scandal Involving Ibe Kachikwu



A SMS was sent out by the legal team warning publications about the malicious media campaign which was being waged by 3rd parties. It was not an official statement from Igho Sanomi for publication. The intention was for publications to remove the previous story about the Minister and Igho Sanomi which was untrue. Mr Sanomi has no issue with the minister. All official press releases come via my office. This one was not authorised for publication.


I would really appreciate it if you could remove this story. I will make sure we include your publication in any official releases going forward.

I also note that you published the original article as well as the rebuttal.


Ibe Kachikwu & His Brother In Bribery Scandal As Oil Trader Demands Refund Of Kickbacks



I would appreciate it if you could remove this story as well. The original publications, who covered this story yesterday, removed this fabricated story. You will see this here. http://thewillnigeria.com/news/ibe-kachikwu-sibling-in-bribery-scandal-as-oil-trader-demands-refund-of-kickbacks/


We are facing a deliberate smear campaign. Instead of taking innocent, but manipulated publications to court, I prefer to let people know that they need to be absolutely sure the stories are fact based before publication.”

The second email reads:

LEGAL NOTICE: Defamatory story – 24hr Take Down Request

“Despite my previous communications to you, it appears that the following stories are still live on your website.




As I previously informed you, the story which originated from The Will Nigeria is completely fabricated. My clients, Igho Sanomi and Taleveras have had no dealings with Ibe Kachikwu at all.


I can confirm that there is an ongoing commercial litigation in relation to Dumebi Kachikwu but certainly not as reported. But we can’t discuss details of the case as it would be sub judice.


We have no clue where this allegation has come from. But it is my personal belief that Mr Sanomi is a victim of a deliberate and malicious smear campaign.


Furthermore my client has not issued a statement to the press about this matter; all press statements come through my office and we have not released one; so this extensive quote which is attributed to Igho Sanomi (which forms the basis of the second article) is not correct.
Mr Sanomi has requested that I pass this matter to the legal team if this article has not been removed within 24hrs. He believes we need to take legal action to stem this constant onslaught that we are facing from unidentified 3rd parties who are using the media to attack an innocent man.
I would suggest you remove this story before further damage occurs.
The Lagos Times, Today Nigeria and The Will and several others have already removed their baseless stories as a result of our contact.”

After these two emails, OnoBello.com responded saying:

“Dear Sindy,


All your emails are acknowledged. Kindly inform Mr. Sanomi to contact me directly and to explain all the reports I have received on this so far, some which haven’t been published yet.


Sending me legal notices will not make me pull down the news as my website prides itself on reporting legitimate news.


I hear Mr. Sanomi is currently out of the country, but this doesn’t have to wait until he’s back.”

Which Ms. Foster responded to saying:

“Dear Ms Bello


I have long admired your publication, so this was not the introduction I had planned. I tried to call you in fact, as I felt it would be easier to discuss by telephone.


Apologies for having to send a sterner second email, as my first friendlier email was not acknowledged. Perhaps you didn’t see that one??


I appreciate that you would like Mr Sanomi to contact you, but he requested that I deal with all of these matters. But please do contact him direct if you feel it necessary.


I just want to make sure that I am communicating the issue clearly, so apologies for going over this again.


My first point:

The first story written by The Will was removed because they accepted that it wasn’t true. No legal threats were needed, they cooperated on the presentation of facts.



Your article relies on the now discredited The Will Report. So I felt it was important to let you know, as you are in the business of reporting legitimate news, that they were not standing by this story, and it had been removed.


My second point: 

This was the statement released by the legal department (not a statement from “Igho Sanomi”).


Please find below correct version. This story is stale now. I just need you to have it for your records.



Special Report: Rebuttal on Bribery News Against Ibe Kachikwu, its fake news and Enough is Enough. 


“A statement has been released by Lawyers to Igho Sanomi, stating ” that the report earlier published about Ibe Kachikwu is not only false, it is malicious and wicked. It is concocted directly, as they say, from the pit of hell. The tendentiously false story, if repeated by any medium, will meet the stiffest legal resistance from our legal team. As for the medium that carried this false report, it shall be hearing from our lawyers. A word is enough for the wise. We will continue to investigate this further to unmask people behind this continuous media attack on us” 


Alex School Esq

Legal Counsel 




Your article doesn’t match the statement which was issued from Alex School. Perhaps you received something different?



I note what you say about more reports coming to you, some of which you have not yet published. I would really like to discuss this with you. I am very happy to answer questions, provide replies, etc on behalf of Taleveras and Igho Sanomi.


It is refreshing to hear that journalistic endeavours of questioning material before publishing is live and well at Ono Bello. Sadly not all publications adopt that rigorous approach.”


Recently, there has been reports of a mega-swindle of Nigeria by Messrs- businessmen Olajide Omokore and Kola Akanni Aluko. The details are contained in the assets forfeiture proceedings filed against former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke and Messrs. Omokore by the United States Department of Justice in Houston. It included how Aluko received $1.2billion in oil payments from Sanomi’s Televeras, Glencore and Arcadia used to bribe Alison-Madueke.


Photo: Igho Sanomi


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  1. Hmmmm, threatening you with legal action obviously didn’t fly. As long as your source is authentic don’t you’ve got nothing to worry about but I think you should still give them audience though. Just be careful cos I heard there are lots of brown envelope journalists in Nigeria… you have a reputation of being upright with your work so that to me is worth more than silver /gold

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