Uzo Aduba Explains Her Reason For Refusing To Change Her Nigerian Name | Watch


Uzo Aduba has been doing press rounds for season 5 of Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black” which she stars in and today she had a chat with Sway on his radio show.

During the interview, Uzo spoke about why she refused to change her Nigerian name after moving from Nigeria to America and we totally agree with her.

She recalls that as a child she was teased about her Nigerian name Uzoamaka (meaning “the road is good“), therefore asked her mother to call her Zoe. Her mother’s response: “If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Dostoyevsky, then they can learn to say Uzoamaka.” As Uzo grew older she learned to wear her name with the upmost pride.

Uzo Aduba also breaks down what it was like to grow up in a traditional Nigerian household, alongside a powerful and selfless mother. She said, “This is a woman that has poured everything into her children and still does – she’s my hero.”

Watch the full interview below.




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