Vibrant Colours & Geometrical Prints! ‘Imaatu Fulani’ Formerly Known As ‘Fulani’ Unveils New Campaign

Imaatu Fulani - OnoBello-5

Nigerian-Austrian fashion modern luxury brand, Fulani has released new campaign photos from their Quiet Storm collection to announce the change of their brand name from Fulani to IMAATU Fulani.

This comes months after the brand laid out its vision to transform and grow beyond the Fulani brand to create ‘up-to-the-minute luxury styles’, defined by authentic, unique products and fashion innovation.

Among the highlights is the vibrant lavender, yellow viscose with geometrical prints which dominates the collection.

Scroll down for more pictures.

Imaatu Fulani - OnoBello


Imaatu Fulani - OnoBello-3


Imaatu Fulani - OnoBello-4


Imaatu Fulani - OnoBello-2


Designs: @imaatufashion

Photography: @stefan_gergely

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