Video: Beyonce Shuts Down Assistant For Fussing Over Dress On The Red Carpet

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Apparently, when “Bey” says stop – you just got to stop!

Beyonce recently stole the show in a stunning low-cut silk exceptional dress at the Tidal music event in New York on Tuesday night. We brought the scoop to you here


Ahead of her breath-taking performance alongside the rapper, Beyonce also made her presence felt on the red carpet in dress, which showed off a lot of cleavage and leg. One of her assistants fussed over her dress to make sure it was sitting exactly how it should while posing for pictures.

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But just as she reached the top half to make some adjustments, “Stop it!” she coolly mouths through her teeth in a not-too-obvious way as she continues to pose for the camera.


Do you think this action plainly rude Or much needed at the time?


Watch the exchange here: 










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