Viktoh, Itunu Pepper, More Headline LoudNProudLive Series – Rap & Rhythm Edition!

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5075

LoudNProudLive Rap and Rhythm Edition was held at Pattaya on Thursday 30th November. Organized by NMO Management Limited with  headline VIKTOH of YNBL (see images) on fire and full of swag with LoudNProudLive ‘One Sound’ Band on point.

Hosted by Sassy Bigma, other electrifying performances included Kayve, Profingaz, Greg Ewa, the beautiful Itunu Pepper and OC who all performed Live #2LIT

S/o to GBT winners Squi and Kroxxy and another highlight of the night Afro Trap sensation MOOSE who set the stage alight with his energy filled performance. Simply Magical!

See more photos below

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5077

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5079

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5082

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5084-2

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5084

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5087

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5089

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5091

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5094

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5105-2

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5105

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5107

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5115-2

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5115

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5123

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5131

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5140

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5145

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5175

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5176

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5179

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5182

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5188

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5191

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5195

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5199

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5207

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4868

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4875

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4896

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4901


LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4917

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4932

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4965

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4985

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-4997

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5008

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5022

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5027

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5029

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5056

LoudNproudLive OnoBello-5070




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