Vimbai Mutinhiri Is The Striking Star For Mania Magazine Travel Edition

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Is that you Vimbai?

Vimbai Mutinhiri is the striking cover star for Mania Magazine Travel Edition. 

This year’s issue is a break from the norm of the magazine as it has have employed various creative and artful anecdotes to illustrate the social political space we live in today.

First of all, its cover girl Vimbai is Zimbabwean born and known from Big Brother Africa but has evolved into various competences, Vimbai relieves the memories of her journey thus far in an exclusive interview.

The magazine’s beauty shoot features Ugandan model, Ramona Fauziah Nanyombi, while one of the fashion editorials features Tanzanian superstar Vanessa Mdee.


Check out the spreads below.

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Mania-OnoBello (3) Mania-OnoBello (4)



Cover Credits

Photographer: KelechiAmadi-Obi

Fashion Editor: Godson Ukaegbu

Make-up: BimpeOnakoya

Hair: Mannix Idem



Photographer: KelechiAmadi-Obi &GbengaAkindele Nelly

Fashion Editor: Godson Ukaegbu

Hair & Costume Design: ZubbyEneoma

Make-up: DorcasOtobo

Hair: Mannix Idem


Fashion Mania- Norming Nomad

Photographer: Kelly Green

Stylist: BubuOgisi

Make-up:YemisiSeriki for N’sure Beauty

Model: KemiAmusan


Fashion Mania- Road Trip

Photographer: KelechiAmadi-Obi

Stylist: Godson Ukaegbu

Make-up: DorcasOtobo

Model: Vanessa Mdee






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