Vlisco Presents Tres Brillant: Mystifying Splendour Collection

Vlisco is a company that has been in the business of producing super rich print wax fabrics deeply rooted in Africa since 1846. As the sole authentic designer and manufacturer of such fabrics as ‘Wax Hollandais’, Vlisco is unparalleled when it comes to quality, professional skill and innovation. Every quarter a new Vlisco fashion and accessories collection is launched in Africa. With a complete line of bags, shoes and jewellery, women can clothe themselves in Vlisco from head to toe.

The brand has just released a new collection tagged Tres Brillant, according to Vlisco,the designs of Tresor Brillant unveil the hidden strength of women. Ranging from abstracts jewels to floral designs, they offer a glamorous and graceful look and tease the senses. The design team has created a uniquely varied collection of impressive patterns that put women on a well-deserved pedestal.

With its dreamy designs featuring rich, fiery reds punctuated with intense shades of blue green, the Tresor Brillant concept is truly diverse, ranging from the highly detailed to the highly abstract. The repetitive figuarative designs appear to be infinite, while twinkling designs create a glossy look and add the perfect touch of glamour. The fabrics let every woman shine in all her allure.

Combining designed with uni colours fabrics provides numerous possibilities to create a stunning outfit. The red, blue and mustard and yellow shades and the Tresor Brillant fabrics form the perfect match.

The fashion and accessories collection reflects the refined luxury and elegance of Tresor Brillant. The dresses are supple anddrape gracefully around the body. Combined with shimmery satin uni-coloured fabrics or richly decorated with Swarovski crystals, the resulting outfit will be second to none and will make heads turn. The lace is stitched with sparkly gold-coloured materials for the ultimate glamorous touch and a number of designs have been adorned with sequins for a sophisticated accent. For the ultimate finish to your outfit, Vlisco introduces taste down to the very last detail. Both fashion and accessories are available in the Vlisco boutiques and other stockist in Nigeria.

The Tresor Brillant campaign tells the story of a mysterious woman, wandering through the night. Gracefully flowing fabrics weave an enigmatic story, determined to reveal where her journey is taking her. Strutting through the dim setting of the colonnade, she adds the perfect touch of glamour as she continues towards her destination, where she divinely takes the stage. An overwhelming sense of heroism seizes her sophisticated attire of dreamy designs.


For more information visit: www.vlisco.com

Stockists Details

Balogun Market, Lagos Island

Iyawo Abacha Textiles- shop199/200,Balogun mkt.L/Island- 080 28778038

Madam Go Slow Textiles- Shop 2/3,Balogun mkt,L/Island- 070 65351415

Mama Chika Textiles- Shop195/196,Balogun mkt,L/Island- 080 35711576

Mama Emeka Textile- Blk 19,Balogun mkt,L/Island- 080 23424082

Mama Ebere Textiles- 193/194,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 69722747

Mama Maxwell Textiles-Blk 16,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 25812601

Mama scott textiles   -Shop 157/158,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 20594256

Stanlop Nig. Investments- Shop 171/172,Balogun west,Balogun.L/Island-080 33305700

Beauty Tajomavwo Textiles- Blk 14,Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 51523111

Edenagbor Investments- Shop 143/144,Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/island  -080 25662980

Mary Biniten Stores- Blk 13,Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 66238007

Aigbe stores(amb)- Shop153/154,Balogun west,Balogun mkt.L/Island-080 23088646

Roselyn Jude Textiles-159/160,Balogun west,Balogun mt.L/Island-080 34283989

Madam Catherine stores-Shop 81/82,Balogun west,Balogun mkt.L/Island-080 32164283

Regina Stores-west,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 25674455

Mrs R.O.Okoh Stores- Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island

Rehoboth Textiles- Shop203,Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island- 080 26862665

Nkky Investment- Shop 203/204,Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island-080 23929115

Madam Obaye Clothings- Shop209/210,Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island- 08033352932

Emeka Stores-Shop 4,Blk 4,Bal.west,Bal.mkt,L/Island-080 35384612

Mama Kingsley Textiles- Shop 4,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033375329

Mama Bright stores-shop223/224,Bal.west,Bal.mkt,L/Island-080 33524082

Idiong Textiles- Shop211/212,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08034920116

Blessing Stores- Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island      -08023597523

Chi-chi tex Investments(Amb)-Shop 4,Blk 4,Bal.west,Bal.mkt,L/Island-080 23193795

Madam Ann Textiles-Blk4 Shop3,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island- 080 23459552

Chima Clothings-Balogun west,Balogun mkt,L/Island-070 30451924

Madam Chukwu Nonye Stores-Shop 6/7,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island- 080 61540924

Mrs Imelda Textiles-Shop 72,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033922776

Chinedu Stores-Shop 76,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-07034836528

Madam Akpan Clothings-Shop 82,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 34942860

Eze Stores-Shop 75,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-070 87106310

Nwadi Textiles-Blk 5,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 57878081

Mama Chidi Investments-Blk 5,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 33356459

Ibeuche Stores-Blk 5,Shop 1,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 30681073

Baba Onuorah Stores-Blk 5,Shop 2,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 34848984

Mrs Okonji Stores-Blk 5,Shop 2(opp),Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/island-080 35064316

Bright star Int&#39L LTD-29,Balogun st,(opp Fidelity Bank),Bal.mkt-080 62653515

Davdestiny ventures-Shop22/23,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 33025195

Ebere Davies Investments   -Shop 18/19/20,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 62855366

Uche Obidi Stores-Shop 3B,Blk4,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08052503753

Iyke-Jah NIG.Enterp-Shop 36/37,Bankole st, Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 62855654

Tessechi Enterprises-95,Bal.west,Bal.mkt,L/Island-08035105511

Mama Dada Investments-93/94,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08026145093

Dorothy Investment-97/98,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 23718554

Sheri Owojenmi Stores-99/100,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-07031925972

Augustina Opene Stores-Blk7,Shop 408,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island         -070 63253907

Mama Nosa Invest-Blk7,Shop 408,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 33478905

God&#39s Favour Invest.-103/104,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033990820

Mrs Lois Okpara Stores-105/106,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 23816643

Mrs R.M.Ubani Stores-107/108,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033124345

Madam Vera Stores(Amb)   -111/112,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 23242509

Veroeme Enterp.-121/122,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08034650941

Mr.Richard Onyenji Enterp.-139/140,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 68428850

Lady Gloria stores-145/146,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08051812934

Dr.Nwosu Invest.-15,Bal.west,bal.mkt.L/Island-08052062143

Mama Adaobi Textiles-Blk 5,Shop 15,Bal.west,bal.mkt.L/Island-080 33725161

Edunasa Textiles-213/214,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08062552721

Mama Favour Invest.-215/216,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08065005041

Florence Amajo Stores-Blk 4,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033612970

Iykeloveth Investment ltd-ShopGa2/Ga3,Bal.Modern shopping mall,Balogun-08033069645/08033979695

Mr.Obinna Uche Invst.-225/226,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-019558710/08081853001

Lolo Fancy Textiles   -77/78,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08066377707

Rosie Best Textiles- 1,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08023339394

Benson Textiles-31,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033888251

Iya Ibeji Stores-32/33,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08023315025

Pasino and Assoc.-Blk 2,Shop3,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island        -08023762863

Andytex Investment-BLK 4,Shop 1,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island-01 4341656

ASAA Collections-79/80,Bal.west(off Bankole st),Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033164867

Okey Enterp.  -Blk 1,Shop 1,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08034086008

Rose Fancy Stores-Blk 1,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08032947870

Mrs Evelyn Stores – 9,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08035659359

Gloria Fashion &clothing’s-59/60,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-07038225338

Onwardsteve Invest-20/21,Bankole st,Bal.mkt.L/Island-070 30317678

Mama Ngozi Invest-72,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 56123509

Mama Chioma Stores-78,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-07061232169

Mama Mary Invest – 80,Bal.west,bal.mkt.L/island-08034942860

Bukky Trading  stores-19,Bal.west,Ajibodu house,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033024494

Mama George Stores-9,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 30726110

Nnamerechi Ventures- 63/64,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 33271601

Mama Isi Textiles- 13,Bal.west.L/Island-080 79604340

Mama Dorcas Ventures-16,Bal.west,bal.mkt.L/Island-080 37178255

Mama Emore Invest-9,Bal.west(shed 31/32),Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 23431607

Kate Stores-235/236,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 32164283

Unixo Nig.Ltd-Blk4 Shop3,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-08033075076/012643294

J.B.Textiles-151/152,Bal.west,Bal.mkt.L/Island-080 33352932

Mama Ewere  -193/194,Bal.west,Bal.mkt,L/Island-080 69722747

Divine Gate Impex Nig.Ltd   -Blk 11,Balogun West, L/Island-070 33564848

Mama Josephine Textiles- 64, Bal. west, Bal. mkt.L/Island-080 76266655

Mama Joy Textiles- 87,Bal.west, Bal.mkt. L/Island-080 52171832

Ikoyi, Lekki, Surulere, Ikeja Lagos

Scissors Interntional- 42B,Awori st,Dolphin,Ikoyi-080-33030462

Trichys- Suite D319, Ikota s/comp, Ikota, Lekki.-080-52971422

SAS-Shop G 8, Surulere S/Plaza, Akerele, S/L/ 52, Awolowo rd, Ikoyi.-018910682/080-23062757

Kay-jay-Suite C58 & 59, Ikota s/comp,Ikota, Lekki-080-39760066

The Ankara place-31 Opebi Rd, Ikeja-080 22904115

Tradefair Market

Favour Textiles-Shop D36, Katsina Plaza, Trade Fair-080-77940823

Eby- Honest Ventures-Shop C21, Katsina Plaza, Trade Fair-080-62165822

Mama Emeka Stores- Shop B3,Katsina Plaza, Trade fair-080-35707571

God&#39s Time ventures -Shop B4, Katsina Plaza, Trade Fair-080-34339968

De- Rose Boutique-Shop A1, Katsina Plaza, Trade Fair-080-34013689

Sister Justina Investment-Shop A14, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080-63306305

E.D Ventures-Shop C30, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080- 37193866

Ike- Jah Nig. Enterp.-Shop D15, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080-52716228

J.I.C Ventures- Shop D14 , Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080-55068180

Mama Juli Ventures- Shop D43, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-081-37234119

Beatrice Textiles-Shop D16&33, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080-38292688

Mama Joshua Stores- Shop C25, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080-53677159

Nkechi Enterprises- Shop A31, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080-59471486

Jemmy Fabrics-Shop A16, Katsina Plaza, Trade- Fair-080- 33248957

Tobulason Nig. Ltd- Shop B029, Katsina Plaza, Trade-Fair-081-64669455

Oyibo Textiles-Shop B016, Katsina Plaza, Trade Fair-070-41480014

Tobukason Nig Ltd-B029, Katsina Plaza,Trade Fair- 081-64669455

Jemmuy Fabrics-A016, Katsina Plaza, Trade Fair-080-33248957

Oyibo Textiles-B016, Katsina Plaza, Trade fair-070-41480014

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Courtesy of Vlisco

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