Voice of Change – Raising Transformational Leaders In Nigeria: Vol. 1/ Part 1

Voice of Change (VOC) is a leadership program on Classic FM that airs at 7am every week on Tuesdays
 every week on Wednesdays for 15minutes. This program is anchored by Mrs Olajumoke Adenowo, the founder of Awesome Treasures Foundation, a faith based Non-Governmental Organisation. She is also a Chartered Architect and CEO at AD Consulting an Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.


VOC is committed to raising transformational leaders in our society, Mrs Adenowo has created a cycle whereby she inspires and mentors other women and youth who in turn mentor others in a process she believes will pave the way for a national transformation of women, youth and children in our country Nigeria.

We are starting this weekly series with part 1 of volume 1 for the year 2012- this part is focusing on the leadership and the leadership visions within you. It is time for you to change the status quo!

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Make sure you check back here every week Wednesday for VOC.

More About VOC
VOC is a radio broadcast dedicated to unleashing the transformational leader in you. It seeks to birth a national renaissance through the new breed of Nigerian Leaders.


Mantra Lyrics – The new Nigeria we crave
The new Nigeria we crave is our duty to deliver
Every male, every female every son every daughter
Once we believe then it can be done
Now the change for the better has begun
No need to look further
YOU are the transformational leader


You are the revelation
You are the revolution
You are the solution


Listen to and Become
The Voice of Change


What is V.O.C?
The goal of the program is to create positive change in our Nation by rousing the leader in each one of us and equipping us with the tools to lead in our own spheres of influence,. VOC teaches us to ask the right questions from those who offer themselves to lead us and discern between the legitimate leaders and the impostors who seek to serve none but themselves.” We seek to birth a national renaissance through the new breed of Nigerian Leaders


Who is behind VOC?
Voice Of Change is a radio outreach of the Awesome Treasures Foundation (ATF) and is supported by AD consulting ltd as part of its CSR efforts. ATF is non-profit, non-partisan, Faith-based organization with human capacity development programs for men, women and young people.


Meet The VOC Anchor


Olajumoke Adenowo

Founder of Awesome Treasures Foundation

CEO – AD Consulting


For more information, visit:




The Resources Centre
9A, Tinubu Road (Coker Road Extension)
Ilupeju, Lagos
Mobile: +234 (0) 70 5600 0624- 8
E-mail: info@vocnigeria.com
Follow on Facebook & Twitter: VOC Nigeria

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