“I wanted It To Look Like An Art Object”: Christian Louboutin Speaks On His Nail Polish


Famous for his Red soled shoes, designer Christian Louboutin has now added a new product to his design label being a new range of nail polish housed in chick spiked bottles and we reported on it yesterday 24th July 2014 (In case you missed it read the story here). In an interview with InStyle beauty director Kahlana Barfield, Mr. Louboutin dishes out details on the Stiletto-inspired nail polish.


What drove your decision to enter the beauty market?

I wanted to go back to my roots, since my signature red sole started from a bottle of red nail polish. Also, I’ve always found myself questioning what color nails the woman would wear with my shoes—especially my sandals. I thought, It would be great to create the exact colors I always imagine. So this nail collection will sort of complete that image.

Mr. Louboutin


How has creating nail polish been similar to designing shoes?

It’s similar in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to designing the silhouette of the shoe and the nail polish bottle. It’s all about attention to detail. The process starts with sketching and looking at angles.

Mr. Louboutin


Speaking of the bottle, the stiletto-like cap is brilliant.

I wanted it to look like an art object. My father was a carpenter, so I come from a background of craftsmanship. It was very important for me to make something beautiful. Just think of the word “beauty.” I couldn’t enter the territory with something ugly!

Mr. Louboutin

That you didn’t!

I also wanted the bottle to be something that required a woman to take her time with her nails. I wanted the pace to be reduced. It’s almost like a calligraphy pen that you use to gracefully write on your nails.

Mr. Louboutin


There are 31 polishes in the collection. Tell me about Rouge Louboutin, your signature red shade.

It mimics the color of my red sole, but more importantly, it’s flattering on everyone. That was crucial to me. We worked really hard and tested it on every skin tone until we got it right.

Mr. Louboutin


They say the sex is in the heel. Would you say the same for nails?

It’s not the heel that’s sexy; it’s the way the woman walks in the heel. The same goes for nails: It’s not the length of the nail; it’s the gestures and expressions a woman makes with her hands that’s seductive.

Mr. Louboutin


Christian Louboutin’s nail polish collection is now available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and select Sephora stores.


Credit: Instyle.com 

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