#WCW: Quintessential Singer & Photographer TY Bello!

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Wednesdays are for our women and no doubt TY Bello is one of those women to be helplessly crushed on.

Toyin Sokefun-Bello better known as TY Bello, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and photographer. She was born in Ogun State, Nigeria. She officially started her music career after earning a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Lagos.

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TY who also loved journalism, practiced journalism a lot and eventually got interested in photography which soon turned into her business. She became a member of the Depth of Field, a Nigerian photography association and was also the official photographer of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

She has photographed almost every Nigerian Celebrity you can probably think of. Asides other things, she has so much flare for music and is very well-known for her singles “Ekundayo“, “This Man“, “Greenland“, “Freedom“.

She got married in 2009 to her husband Kashetu Bello. TY Bello always preferred not to let the public know a lot about her personal life. On the 10th of October 2014, the couple gave birth to twin boys Christian and Christopher after waiting for several years.


Annually, TY Bello organizes a photography exhibition to raise funds for orphans in Nigeria. She is also the director of Link-a-child, an NGO dedicated to proliferating information on orphanages in Nigeria and seeking sponsorship on their behalf.

She sure does deserve those accolades!

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