Wear Makeup Like A Pro, 10 Tips You Can Only Learn From An Expert Masterclass

These tips are got from real professional makeup artists that have everything from runway, magazines shoots to weddings, so be sure that these tips are professional secret techniques. Follow religiously to put on the face you really want….

1. Skin is the most important thing. No makeup can give you perfect skin, that comes from what you eat. But for those of us with flawed skin, the first thing to do is exfoliate with a toner because you don’t want to apply makeup to dry, ashy skin.

2. Apply moisturizer with your foundation brush. Using this tool gives a level of consistency to your moisturizing application, plus your foundation will then have a more creamy, sheerer application.

3. You don’t have to be old to use an eye cream. This adds a “glittery effect” to the eye area.

4. If your skin has a yellow-tone tint you need to add colour to warm it up to contour the face in skin-tone colours for added warmth.

5. When it comes to makeup (of any kind) the most important thing is to blend.

6. Lashes don’t grow on eyelids, don’t let your fake lashes float on the skin, bring them down to the natural lash line.

7. Even if you hate powder, if you expect to have your picture taken you need it. Just apply a light coat on the forehead and the area around the nose for a shine-free photograph.

8. Add blush high on the cheek bone, far away from the nose, for a sculpted look.

9. Use a highlighter everywhere from the inner corners of the eyes to above the lips in the Cupid’s bow.

10. Put emphasis on your make up tool, make use of them and control the makeup with your tool. The tool is an extension of your craft.

Photo Credit – Kola Oshalusi



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