Weddings Tips From Fashion ‘IT’ Girl & Soon-To-Be Bride Olivia Palermo

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When it comes to enviable style, Olivia Palermo is one of the first people who comes to mind. So who better to look to for wedding-day style advice than the Brides Magazine June/July 2014 cover girl? The reality star-turned-fashion icon (who happens to be engaged!) is dishing her top tips for planning a cool, covetable that would earn any trendsetter’s seal of approval.


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Bridal doesn’t exclusively equal white.

When asked if she would wear classic bridal white or ivory, Olivia shared, “Not head to toe. I always like to incorporate little pops of color.” 

Olivia Palermo

It’s surprisingly easy for any bride to emulate the star’s style.

“Look at ready-to-wear. Check out Marchesa, Oscar, or Carolina shows online,” Olivia said. “And even if your dream dress comes right off the rack, add your own touch. Play with color. It’s all about styling.” 

Olivia Palermo


Don’t skimp on the reception décor.

“I want them to have cool, styled details,” Olivia says. As for food? That’s no place to skimp on either. “The food has to be really, really good!” 

Olivia Palermo

Every bride should have a wedding mantra.

“My wedding mantra is beautiful flowers. All I care about are beautiful flowers,” Olivia says. “I love peonies and tulips in light pinks.” 

Olivia Palermo

The wedding shouldn’t be just about the bride.

Olivia reveals that her wedding planning is a collaboration between and her crazy-handsom fiancé Johannes Huebl. “At the end of the day, it’s about the two of us, and that’s the most important thing,” Olivia says. “People shouldn’t lose sight of that.” 

Olivia Palermo






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