Weekly Updates On Nigeria’s Got Talent: Episode 3, Auditions In Lagos

The 3rd episode of the Nigeria’s Got Talent auditions held in Lagos, a much awaited audition center. As expected, the crowd was overwhelming with people coming out in troops to have a shot at impressing the judges and audience on the audition stage.




To start this episode, 36 year old Bariyu Yesufu, a medical doctor by profession and a ventriloquist talent-wise, entertained the judges with his puppeteer skills.



Follow up acts in Lagos auditions included dancing from adorable children and they got encouraging “yeses” from the judges to see them through to the next round. Next up was a display of acrobatics by a group called Acrobatic Display. Their flexibility, balance, agility, confidence and coordination wowed the judges which earned them a spot in the next round.


This episode of Nigeria’s Got Talent had a diversity of talents being showcased as another audition brought Mr Idowu Adekaka who spiced up the show with his magic tricks. Even the judges were at the edge of their seats trying to see how he pulled off his tricks (pouring water on a newspaper without it getting wet).



Mr. Idowu’s tricks mesmerized the audience, judges and got a required number of “yeses” to see him through to the next round.


There were also rappers with rhyming bars. In a change of pace, one of the judges, Yibo Koko freestyled to show he also has got talent. The likes of martial artists were not left out. Although one group called ‘The Oracle’ came out as comics, the other group ‘United Fist’ showed what martial arts is all about.


The last act of the episode was by Ekeng Bassey (remember him from Glo Naija Sings 2010?)



He performed a rendition of Josh Groban’s song ‘You raised me up’. Ekeng said he was desperate to impress the judges and this he did very well as one could even see Kate Henshaw had watery eyes after his performance.


In case you missed the weekly Sunday episode, the videos have been provided here. Enjoy!


Episode 3 Part 1

Video link 1:



Episode 3 Part 2

Video link 2: 



Episode 3 Part 3

Video link 3:



Episode 3 Part 4

Video link 4:




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