Wendy Williams Is Taking A Break From Her Show Following Graves’ Disease Diagnosis

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American TV host, actress and author Wendy Williams announced today that she will be taking a hiatus from her eponymous show to focus on her health. She further explained that she had been diagnosed by her endocrinologist with Graves disease – an autoimmune disorder that causes overstimulation of the thyroid, which can lead to puffy eyes, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and elevated blood pressure.

Wendy who fainted during one of her shows in October last year joked that even though her doctor prescribed a 3-week break, she’ll only take 2 weeks off. Speaking about the symptoms of Graves disease, she said:

My thyroid has been totally cattywampus That is the eye thing that you all have been seeing. My thyroid — my hyperthyroid — is attached also to Graves’ disease. No, I’m not nervous, Anxiety? Please. I’m over 30 years in this game.







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