Wendy Williams Returns To Ex-husband Kevin Hunter, Keeps Its Professional


Media Mogul,Wendy Williams has reportedly returned to her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter who cheated on her with a mistress, however, he is only acting as her business manager.

According to Dailymail, the pair have had several face-to-face meetings about working together, even going so far as to draft a joint press statement to announce that they will not dissolve their organizations (The Hunter Foundation, WW Talk Productions, and Hunter Publishing Group) so as to not damage the “legacy” of work they’ve created together over the years.

From a business perspective, Williams and Hunter have been proven to work well together for a very long time now. Because of that, lawyers for both of them are apparently “close to a settlement agreement” that will officially pave the way for Hunter to return as her business manager.

If (when) that becomes official, according to the report, it would require him to refrain from pursuing Wendy over alimony, too.

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