What Do You Think About This Whole Skiibii Saga, Publicity Stun Or Real?

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There has been a lot of buzz over upcoming singer Skiibii Mayana’s ‘death’ recently.

According to earlier reports, the FiveStar Music artist and a protégé of Kcee collapsed in his living room, and before help could come he had passed away.

In a strange twist of events, his managementcame out to deny his death reports and said Skibii was responding to treatment. The sudden revelation that Skiibii is still alive has led many to believe that it was a publicity stunt to get attention on his newly released single and video.

A lot of fans and celebrities in the industryare outraged by this and Skibiihas received a lot of backlash.


His management released a statement saying:


“First, a side note! We find it imperative to clarify this with you first.This is a very sensitive matter for us at FiveStar (as reps). We see the need to convince you as writer, blogger (and/or journalist) that this was not an attempt at a publicity stunt. Death is a no-good area for stunts or anything remotely close. Also, We truly believe Skiibii is immensely talented which has fuelled reasons to nurture him and his career for this long which has been confirmed by post for his latest single ‘Sampu’ by writers on NJO and BellaNaija. We can not have him hone and better his skill for this long, put so much resource into his career (with even an upcoming video for ‘Sampu’) and mess it up with such a miscalculated move.

Skiibii is as talented as he is as hardworking, he believe in selling his talent and see him grow into a long serving star we believe he is – we are not desperate and would not make desperate attempt to make him national headline. He is working with every best hand we can get in the industry including D’Tunes and Del B.

Skiibii collapsed early this morning and was rushed to the hospital (explained at length in the statement included below), there was a miscommunication between FiveStar Music Manager and LindaIkeji (who broke the story) which prompted KCee to call Linda himself to clarify it.

Kcee and Soso, FiveStar Manager are not in the country, on tour in far away Norway and could not possibly have had the details as they would only be relaying whatever they were told by Skiibii’s family and label workers who were with Skiibii the entire time in the hospital.

We the entire Five Star Music received with great shock the news of the demise of our artiste in the person of Abbey Toyyib Elias a.k.aSkiibii.

The wide spread rumor of Skiibii being dead that shook the airwaves and social media platforms this morning is confirmed false. The 22 year old talented musician signed to Five Star Music is fine and alive. Given that he had a minor health issue this morning, He collapsed and was rushed by his brother & his friends to a nearby hospital from where he was taken to a more equipped hospital by the intervention of the CEO of FiveStar Group for further treatment.

Skiibii is currently recuperating at a private hospital, Please disregard negative information hitherto passed. Death is not something to play with. Kcee and Five Star Manager SosoSoberekon are currently in Europe on a tour.

On his suppose demise as confirmed by FiveStar Music or the label’s manager – At best, it was a miscommunication.”


See photos sent in by Five Star Music management of Skiibii receiving treatment.

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