What Every Couple Should Know: 6 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

Sometimes you are the one spoiling something for yourself and you may not even know it. This might just save you thousands in couple’s therapy: Your partner is not always the problem. Sorry. You&#39re welcome.

Mistake #1: Leaving the Romance Out

Romance always has been, and always will be one of the important aspects of any relationship. You may continually need to sweep him/her off her feet with little and not so little acts of love.

Mistake #2: Having Your Heart-to-Hearts on the Side

You know who really understands what you&#39re going through? The person going through that situation with you, and that’s who you should talk to. If problems come up don’t take them outside.

Mistake #3: Believing in the 15-Year Immunity

There is a treacherous belief in the 15-Year Immunity. Just because you&#39ve been together for a long time doesn&#39t mean you&#39re beyond trouble. Relationships are bound to have rough patches so brace yourself for the bump.

Mistake #4: Staying Senselessly Shy in Bed

Be reserved when meeting someone&#39s parents or going to church. Not in bed. Never in bed.

Mistake #5: Focusing Only on Your Mistake

You should know when to talk to your partner about mistakes made by both of you. It’s a joint venture for a reason, and together is the best way to work through problems.

Mistake #6: Mistaking the One for the Only One

Once you&#39re in a relationship, he doesn&#39t have to be your love and your life partner and your racketball opponent and your cooking assistant. You have other friends to fulfill other needs, so – this is important!


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