What Is Your Personal Style? Iyanya, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Bryan Okwara, DJ Spinall & BOJ Tell Us!

Today, we are talking to all the men out there, do you know the your personal style? Are you Ubersexual, Metrosexual Retrosexual, Afrosexualor a Lumbersexual man? Well worry no further as we are here to explain.

1.jpggn Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, BOJ, DJ Spinall, Bryan Okwara & Iyanya 

Today, we have exclusive photos from the fashion editorial of tw Magazine’s April 2015 featuring hotties Iyanya, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Bryan Okwara, DJ Spinall & BOJ.

We had previously brought you the cover and some inside spreads from the fashion issue featuring Lynxxx on the cover, click here in case you missed it!

Five of the most stylish men in Nigeria handpicked for their personal styles, which match evolving trends in men’s fashion.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:


The Ubersexual man- Ebuka Obi-Uchendu 

2zfgmgf Ebuka Obi-Uchendu 

Ubersexuals are attractive, confident and not self-obsessed and stylish but undoubtedly masculine. The focal point of this trend is embracing traditional masculinity without negative aspects associated with it. The ubersexual man is willing to follow trends but he’s not a slave to fashion.


The Metrosexual Man- Bryan Okwara 

3xfgmgfmgfx Bryan Okwara

He is a modern man who embraces his feminine side with masculinity. He can be perceived as vain because he spends lots of time grooming, working out and keeping u trendy hairstyles and beauty regimens whilst draping himself in fashionable outfits too daring for Ubersexuals to handle.


The Retrosexual Man- BOJ 

4zgfmfgm BOJ 

He is anti-metrosexual. He self consciously adopts traditional masculine styles and incorporates it in his everyday style, so much so that it becomes a way of life. He is mostly spotted in vintage pieces.


The Afrosexual Man- DJ Spinall 

5zfgmgfm DJ Spinall 

He is a modern African man in touch with his identity, heritage and nationality. His style is a fusion of African and trendy western pieces. An Afrosexual man is clearly afrocentric but ith a bit of metrosexual aura around him.


The Lumbersexual- Iyanya 

6zdgfmm Iyanya 

Half-Metrosexual and half-Ubersexual but more outdoorsy, he has a stylish rugged look and is king of the Beard Gang. Lumbersexuals ooze sexuality and danger effortlessly, he is the man every woman is smitten with, and every man wants to look like.

So guys, with the breakdown above, you should be able to identify your personal style! Which is it?

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Photoshoot Credits

Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke

Creative Director & Styling: Favor Olugu

Make Up/Grooming: Nonso for Zaron







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