#WhatSheWantedVsWhatSheGot: Popular Nigerian Designer OG Okonkwo Of Style Temple Gets Dragged By Bride!

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The whole Bride and Designer saga is not new to the public as we have seen a number of cases on social media and the likes. Stories like that of Nigerian designer Rikaotobyme was an eye opener for Brides and other potential clients who go out of their way to patronise the Big names in the fashion industry.

Now, popular Nigerian Designer OG Okonkwo of Style Temple has joined the list as a bride who was not satisfied with OG’s work called the designer out for being a “Fraud”.

According to the mail received, Here is the full story as narrated by the Bride’s Sister.


“OG was contacted to make a reception dress for my sister’s wedding, my maid of honor dress, and a veil for my sister. We paid on February 1, and kept chasing OG to make these items on time. Every time we called her store or her phone she never picked up. We desperately took to her Instagram page to comment asking about the status of our dresses after which she blocked my sister, the bride. She also blocked me on what’s app because I called her out for being a fraud. The dresses were not ready till May, literally days before the wedding, even though we paid months in advance and she had said it’ll take 3 weeks for the dresses to be ready.”

“After much stress on my sister, the bride, and calling non-stop everyday from America to Nigeria. She finally sends the dresses, but they’re poorly made, dirty, and already decorated with holes. I immediately messaged her on my sister’s WhatsApp since I was still blocked to let her know she was a fraud, and a horrible person. There was absolutely no reason for her to send us such nasty outfits considering all the trouble she put us through, and all the time she had to make them. OG proceeded to call us cheap, and insult us. The fabric she is calling cheap is supposed to be a $400 fabric by the way. It also does not look the the original fabric we chose neither does it look $400. OG does not pay attention to her customers needs, and was never accessible to discuss issues with the outfits. I also sent friends in Abuja to her store but to no avail. I also asked more people about her while we were going through this stressful time, and no one had anything good to say about her service. My sister was not the first bride she’s tried this with, but we were lucky to able to pay another designer to make a dress within a week so the wedding could go on.”


See videos and messages between OG and the customer below.



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