“When I Was Normal, I Didn’t Have Money” – Denrele Edun

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Mr eccentric himself, Denrele Edun, disclosed in a recent interview how being normal has never paid him, being crazy on the other hand has been what feeds him.

He said in an interview with The Punch, “If my children want to follow this path of entertainment, I will encourage them because when I was normal, I didn’t have money; now my madness has become a source of income. I am very fortunate to have come from a family like mine;

“when I was normal, I didn’t have money; now my madness has become a source of income”

“I give my parents all the respect in the world because they allowed me to be who I really want to be. There was an aunt of mine who used to come from Port Harcourt and cry, telling my parents to be careful so that I would not end up in a psychiatric home because of my style of fashion and entertainment. Some of my cousins even used to say I was embarrassing the family,” he said.

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The hyper-energetic entertainer, who recently clocked 37 on the biological timeline, had this to say about marriage and kids, “I will get married at the right time but I need to find a very patient woman because I can be stubborn, I am not in a relationship right now but I have a lot of people I admire. I am not under pressure to get married although my dad lives with me and  I know there are some things he might want to say but when he sees the way his children are working hard, he overlooks them. Funny thing is I cannot wait to have kids; I actually love kids. I need to find a patient woman because I am very stubborn.”

He also debunked rumors that his penchant very wearing high-heeled shoes was influenced by american pop-singer Lady Gaga, saying he had been wearing high-heeled shoes before the advent of the social media era.

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