“Whether Mr. Jonathan Likes It Or Not, Sanusi Lamido Is Emir Of Kano”- Nasir El-Rufai

The heat is on… Mallam El-Rufai goes all out defending Sanusi Lamido on his ascension to the throne of Emir of Kano.


Just only a few days ago, President Goodluck Jonathan ordered for the arrest of the former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Sanusi Lamido and that sparked controversy with many of the opinion that the President not involve himself with an issue that sensitive.

This obviously must have ticked off the Lamido team as Mallam Nasir El-Rufai reacted to questions about Sanusi’s political ambitions, insisting that the latter had always wanted to be Emir of Kano State (the position Sanusi currently holds) right from childhood. He also stated that Sanusi will not beg the government for his rights.

Watch Mallam El-Rufai defend Lamido on Sahara TV below:


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