Who Is Eki? Find Out More About The Eki Persona!


‘EKI’ means the centre of attraction

Eki Orleans is a brand that takes you on a print journey in pure silks.

I have been asked multiple times who the Eki persona is. The way I would describe this, is someone who is culturally astute, environmentally savvy, gravitates towards exotic holidays whilst always exuding a love for color. An Eki girl’s LBD (little black dress) is that printed little number in her wardrobe. She does not play it safe. She is audacious in print.

Eki Orleans is 50 shades of color. The Eki girl is reflective in her thoughts, yet commands adoration when she owns her stage. She is fun, loving and always ignited around people. She is gentle and sophisticated, always with a spark of mischief in her eyes. She is fierce and sexy. She is Eki!

Being an Eki girl is about being strong within yourself no matter what life throws at you. An Eki girl commands the centre of attraction. Some may choose to do this subtly whilst others are bolder but always with impeccable grace.

Fierce and sexy with a spark of mischief in her eyes

Being the centre of attraction is a natural consequence of wearing an Eki Orleans creation.

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Photo Credits: Sanaa Abstrakt

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