Who Would You Hire To Supply The Music During A Marriage Proposal? Check List!



Relationships are one of the best things humans have and cherish, sometimes it leads to a serous thing, sometimes it goes the other way round. However, when it does lead to a point of seriousness, there is a need to seal the bond, traditionally it is the job of the man to do this – proposing., asking if the lady if she wants to spend the rest of her life with you, even if you know she would. In this lovely scene of knelling down and bringing out the ring, there is a lot music can do to serenade that atmosphere, not just any type of music though, I’m talking solemn, soulful melodious sounds.

In this episode of OB poll, we are looking at 6 Nigerian Alternative artiste you would love to take the supply the music when you want to propose or being proposed to, who will it be from our chosen 6? Let’s know your comments

Adekunle Gold

Of course King AG has to be on this list, one of the fiercest songwriters and live performers Nigeria has, his voice might not be tiny like Johnny or Ric’s , but the distinct feature in his style is evident, music from the soul to touch a soul in a classic traditional routine.


Screenshot_20181212-201950Johnny Drille

Although he is still popping up in the scene, but as a fan from way back, nothing sounds like Johnny Drille in Nigeria. He is an International Brand and his soothing voice can send chills into your body.



Yet another underrated artiste in Nigeria, Bez is equally an international brand just like everyone on this list, and he rarely tries to bring it down to the local level; “if you can’t keep up, Sorry!” His voice and accent are his powerful tools too, clear diction and voice that would go straight into your heart.


Ric Hassani

Funny Enough, he started off as a rapper, but the ‘African Gentleman’ is one of the soul gifts of Nigeria, his classy sense of dressing encompasses with his style of music which is the solemn, soft and calm type of music that would preferably be enjoyed in a serene environment.



The most underrated Nigerian Artiste I have seen in recent time, sometimes, people describe his style as ‘fuji alternative’ which I subscribe to because of his coarse and crispy voice, but still, its amazing that you would love what you hear when Brymo holds a mic, most importantly, his lyrical prowess and use of words cannot be matched by anyone on this list, just yet.

Screenshot_20181212-202524Timi Dakolo

The prolific Songwriter and Singer had to make this list, there was no way he wouldn’t, especially with the fact that he is used to wedding songs, and that qualifies him in all way.

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