Dencia Comes Under Fire Over ‘Whitenicious, See Before And After Pictures Of Women Using Products

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Singer Dencia has been getting a lot of press as of late for her new skincare line, Whitenicious, which claims to cater to people with “dark spots, acne, hyper pigmentation, dark knuckles and knees (all of which can leave your skin looking uneven)”.

Sadly, it seems as if Dencia herself has been overloading on the product (or ones similar) as she, a woman who was once of a magnificent brown hue, has bleached all evidence of melanin into oblivion, and now is as pale as raw chicken.

The before and after pictures of women who have used the product also tell a different story than what’s been posted on the Whitenicious website. Sure, the women who used the stuff for their dark spots eliminated unsightly hyperpigmentation (no one is here for acne marks), but they also managed to bleach out their surrounding skin so dramatically, that they’ve become a different color.

OnoBello OnoBello

OnoBello OnoBello

Dencia has faced a ton of criticism for her product, which she stands by on social media: “S/0 to everyone supporting whitenicious& s/0 to those indirectly supporting but thinking they’re hating with PHD worthy Essays. #FreePress.” What’s the most unfortunate part about this whole thing? Whitenicious is already sold out.”

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