Rihanna & Other Celebs Are Experimenting With Rainbow Hair Hues, Would You Dare Go Bright?

A lot of celebrities have experimented with plenty of drastic hairstyles over the years, Rihanna being one of them.

Rihanna latest hairstyle may just be her most eccentric yet, the songstress was spotted at the LA Clippers basketball game last night (May 15th 2014) sporting bright pink hair.


The 26-year-old certainly made one huge entrance as she arrived at the Staples Center in Los Angeles alongside her BFF Melissa Forde, sporting a neon pink pixie hairstyle marking a drastic change from her former black locks.

Woah! Katy Perry has dyed her hair “slime green”. The singer, who has tried nearly every colour going,

Not only has Kelly Osbourne dyed her hair a deeper, richer shade of purple, she&#39s also shaved at the sides.

It&#39s not the first time Nicole Richie has had a dramatic colour transformation but we&#39re OBSESSED with her new, FULL-ON purple hair colour.

It&#39s not the first time Demi Lovato has experimented with rainbow hair colour – Demi loves it! For her 2014 Neon Lights Tour, she has opted for FULL-ON candy-floss pink hair colour.

Rita Ora

The rainbow hair trend is not going anywhere: not with stars like Rita Ora keeping it going strong.

Azealia Banks is mermaid-tastic with super-long sea-green curls. Approach this look with caution: not many people can pull off green hair, but Azealia is one of the lucky few!Thinking of trialing the rainbow hair trend but not sure whether to plump for pink or blue? Make like Ke$ha and go for both.

Just a hint of pink is how Chanel Iman rocks the rainbow hair trend.

Is it blue? Is it blond? Miley Cyrus&#39 crop certainly looks blue to us, but she tweeted saying “My hurrrain&#39t blue. That shits PLATINUM.” We&#39re currently collecting further evidence and will report back.

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga gets in on the trend with rainbow streaks in a super-long side-swept style.

Just one of her eye-popping styles, Nicki Minaj wows with a candy-floss-pink hair hue.

So the question is, will you rock this hair trend?


Credit: entertainmentwise.com | glamourmagazine.co.uk

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