Interview: The Real Chika Ike- Young & Talented, Surrounded By Controversies!

Chika Nancy Ike is fast becoming Nollywood’s sweetheart, a highly competitive industry with talented actors and actresses, still she has managed to make a way for herself in it.

Chika grew up in a close family of eight in Lagos, Nigeria. While growing up, she was nicknamed “drama queen” due to her early display of acting skills.

OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere

Acting for Chika started at an early age of six in her local church, she has always been intrigued by the world of movies and grew up glued to her television watching a lot of them, which was the main inspirationfor her choice of career today.

Her professional acting career in Nigeria started in 2004 when she auditioned for her first movie, according to her “hard work, patience and discipline has helped her face and prepare for most things in life, but needless to say; she was surprised and overwhelmed when called back four months later to pick up a script to do a role in the movie. Despite the fact that the role was a minor one, she took it as a stepping stone to greater heights in her aspiring career as an actress and did it so well”.

Since 2004, she has acted in over 20 movies including Sweetlove, Bless the Child, Paradise, Django, Love Wins, Mirror of Beauty, Before the Rain, Dangerous Beauty, Unstoppable, Street President and the most recent one Moment of Tears, where she stunned everyone by shaving her hair for the rumoured N5Million role.

Chika obviously likes challenging roles as she’s currently shooting a big budget movie where is has to loose a lot of weight. Can’t wait to see this one!

The two-time African Movie Academy Award nominee in 2011 branched into fashion and opened a fashion accessories store called Fancy Nancy Collections in Abuja, a store that has now become a hub for Abuja fashionistas.

Recently, she was also appointed as a World Youth Ambassador for United Nations, a position and course she is passionate about.

OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere

The Human Kinetics graduate from the University of Lagos sits down for an exclusive chat with and tells us how she knew from the start she would be an actress. The 27 year old has been able to turn her situation for good even after going through a failed married with Tony Eberiri, one that was legallydissolved in July this year, Chika says the marriage was characterized by domestic violence and resulted in her pregnancy miscarriage.

For our readers, we pry to know the real Chika Ike, a young and talented lady surrounded by a lot of controversies on social media and in the press.

OB: What inspires your acting passion and drive?
CI: Events as it unfolds. Life and the people around me.Life time experiences.

OB: In 2005, you landed your first roles in the movies ‘Sweet Love’ and ‘Bless The Child’, Directed by T. ChidiChikere, as an upcoming actress at the time, what were your major challenges on set?
CI: School. I had to go to school and work at the same time. My school was almost two hours away from the location and I had to take a taxi everyday it indeed wasn&#39t easy.

OB: As an actress and the CEO of Fancy Nancy Collections, please rate the Nigeria Showbiz and Fashion Industry on a scale of 1-10?
CI: I will say an 8. The fashion industry in Nigeria is really growing.

OB: What will you call the highlight of you career so far?
CI: The highlight of my career was definitely when I got my first role in a movie because that was my “Stepping Stone” to where I am today.  

OB: What are the shortcomings of filming in Nigeria?
CI: Bad distribution network, workshops and training and external support.

OB:  What are the objectives of the “Chika Ike (Help A Child)” foundation?
CI: To help the kids on the streets, give them hope for a brighter tomorrow. Give them a purpose and a reason to live, a shoulder to lean on.  

OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere

OB: How well has the organization thrived in terms of inspiring lives?
CI: We have organized workshops. We launched officially last year with over three thousand kids. We have visited public schools in Lagos, Enugu, Asaba and hospitals as well. We are also planning an African tour soon.

OB: If you had the chance to be Nigeria’s president for a month, what changes will you implement?
CI: I will create employment.

OB: Now to a lighter note, what has been your most embarrassing fashion moment?
CI: I have never had one,lol…

OB: Describe your style?
CI: I will say its Simple, Classy, Chic!

OB:  How do you whip yourself into shape?
CI: I exercise at least two hours daily and drink a lot of water.

OB: Highlight how you get set for the red carpet?
CI: Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe check!

OB: What is a basic, comfortable look for Chika, head to toe?
CI: Jeans and T-shirt.

OB: A lot of people see what you do and want to be like you, mention a few of the basic things they should know before venturing on this career path?
CI: Patience, hardworking and lots of prayers.

OB: How do you achieve that work-life balance?
CI: I am very busy but I try to create time to rest and take vacations when I can.

OB: Where will you call your best holiday destination?
CI: Paris.

OB: Any Upcoming movie, project, Awards and Honours will should be aware of?
CI: Yeah can&#39t really spill it all. But an in the process of shooting a big budget movie and am loosing a lot of weight for it.

OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere
OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere
OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere

Watch Trailer To Moment of Tears
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