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The Merchant of Venice is a niche fragrance brand for the rich, powerful and opulent. Created by Mavive, it has its conceptual origins in the Venetian soul and involves different product lines based on the perfumery tradition of the Republic of Venice, its expertise in craftsmanship, and its century old trade with the Orient.

These amazing high-end perfumery line takes its inspiration from the precious essences and spices that the Venetian merchants of the past used to import from the main harbours of the world, via the Mude (sea routes), and subsequently traded them throughout Europe. 

Murano Collection

This collection of essences narrates the long journeys from the fascinating cities of the Orient to the enchantment of Venice, the main destination of the ancient Mediterranean routes. The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants among the most aspired and precious ones.

The Murano Collection offers six fragrances in bottles specifically based on the designs of the ancient creations by the Master glass-blowers of Murano.

2. Flower fusion

Flower Fusion

A refine mélange, a rich floral bouquet: Damascus rose and Violet Leaves of Provence carry within them the mysterious scents of water-lily and jasmine to generate a luxurious fragrance that expresses pure femininity

3. Byzantium Saffron

Byzantium Saffron

According to Greek mythology, saffron is central to the legend of young Crocus and Smilax. This fragrance expresses the passion of the warm amber notes and embraces them in a classic elegance; it transports your mind to the most intriguing and exuberant lands evoked by Indonesian patchouli.

4. Noble Potion

Noble Potion

It embodies the smooth sensuality of the finest sandalwood and cedar wood of Lebanon, and merges them with the citrus freshness of bergamot and orange blossoms. It is an intense fragrance softened by the velvety notes of violet.

5. Mandarin Carnival

Mandarin Carnival

Sicily has the power to enchant you with its deep blue sea and sky, fields of verdant green, and rainbows of rich and aromatic flowers. Mandarin Carnival embodies these colours with its bursts of the citrus freshness of the finest native mandarins and also, through the sweetness of tamarind, it invites the mind to visit exotic and unexplored lands.

6. Suave Petals

Suave Petals

A delicate and seductive feminine fragrance. The peach blossoms, that in Asia represent feminine beauty, merge with white rose, orris of Florence, and the oriental fascination of patchouli.

7. Asian Inspirations

Asian Inspirations

A simple and refine contrast between the fruity notes of bitter orange and the spicy tones of sage. The woody signature of white cedar merges with the scented notes of benzoin from Siam. It is a new, audacious mode that enables the wearer to discover the unexplored scents of the most classic vetiver.

Nobil Homo

Nobil Homo is the men’s collection from The Merchant of Venice, aimed at encompassing the magnetic charm of Venetian noblemen. Each fragrance is contained within a precious glass that takes inspiration from the style and colours of traditional Venetian fabric and sealed with a precious silver cap, a guaranteed proposal of the highest quality of Venetian perfumery.

8. Venetian Blue 1

Venetian Blue

This charismatic marine fragrance is based on a modern fougére structure, offering a new type of addiction. On a mossy and smoky base, carried by patchouli and birch, fresh and burning spices meet energy of citruses. Lemon and bergamot now melt to spontaneous apple and pineapple, a juicy and colored duo.

9. Esperidi Water 1

Esperidi Water

The colour of amber, symbol for a refined and noble character, highlights the new, contemporary accord of Esperidi Water,a fragrance where the freshness of orange and lemon meets the intense sensuality of black pepper. The heart reveals a romantic bouquet of white flowers warmed by notes of noble woods such as cedar wood and vetiver. The base note fully expresses the virility of the fragrance, and its touches of white musk are exalted by the dignified elegance of the amber notes.

10. NOBILHOMO_Dalmatian_Sage

Dalmatian Sage

Dalmatian Sage is an elegant combination of the fizzy and citrus notes of lemon with the Mediterranean aroma of clary sage. The majesty of vetiver emerges from the woody notes, which are exalted, in turn, by a touch of cedar wood. This refined masculine fragrance is encased in a unique, green decorated glass bottle.

11. NOBILHOMO_Sultan_Leather

Sultan Leather

This intriguing fragrance immediately reveals itself in the head note, crafted from a fine and spicy balance of saffron, pepper and nutmeg. The heart creates an embracing and audacious feeling through the contrasting scents of floral notes, augmented by the warmth of sandalwood and cedar wood. The refinement of Sultan Leather fully emerges in its base note. The masculine and persistent characters of the noble notes of this blonde leather generate a virile and fascinating signature.

12. NOBILHOMO_Ottoman_Amber

Ottoman Amber

This majestic and audacious composition opens with the citrus notes of bergamot, which are then sweetened by floral touches of geranium and plum. The original colour of the sandalwood ingredient is suggestively mirrored in the brown tones throughout the pattern on the glass bottle. Masterly merged with patchouli, the same ingredient gives pride and intensity to the fragrance. The passionate combination of vanilla with labdanum reveals the richness of Ottoman Amber, a noble fragrance that takes its inspiration from a far-away and dream-like world.

Murano Art Collection

The Murano Art Collections represent the ideal combination of perfumery with the artistic glass production of Murano. The fragrances, unique Extrait de Parfum exclusively bottled in 30ml glass phials, are created from the most noble raw materials. Their ingredients are infused with a very high, essential oil content, which gives an exceptional diffusion power and extremely long persistency on the skin.


Oud Delight Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

A mystical and majestic fragrance, Oudelight reveals all its energy through the initial spicy accord of saffron, nutmeg, and cinnamon, suitably merged with an accord of oud, incense, and vetiver. This masterful combination confers a singular and deep character to the overall fragrance, one attenuated by light notes of heliotrope and vanilla.

13. Oudrageous

Oudrageous Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

Vigorous and embracing, Oudarageous has a powerful and vibrant olfactory signature. A continuum of spicy and woody notes harmoniously alternate to create a woody and spicy accord of olibanum and cardamom in the head note, labdanum and tobacco in the heart note, and vetiver and oud in the base note.


Ardent Oud Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

This is a passionate combination of unique and refined raw materials. This olfactory combination is audacious and refined: citrus notes of bergamot are masterfully merged with spicy black pepper and carrot absolute. The nobility of saffron merges with the naive note of chamomile and the woodiness of patchouli. These elements then greet the oriental and aromatic base note of vetiver, balsam spruce, and olibanum.

15. secret rose extrait

Secret Rose Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

Secret Rose emulates the sensuality of Morocco rose through an embracing fragrance that opens with a citrus burst of lime and grapefruit. Surrounded by the nobility of oud and saffron, the deep character of Morocco rose bursts forth unexpectedly. Sandalwood, patchouli, and hints of amber represent the woody character of this refined and dreamy fragrance.


Leather In Nude De Parfum 30 ML

Leather in Nude is a sensual fragrance that expresses the true essence of leather. It is an elegant and refined formula that fully expresses the strength and sensuality of leather through the delicate initial caress of apple blossoms and saffron. This harmony in the head note subsequently merges with the warm and embracing heart note of cloves and soft musk. The cedar wood and vetiver in the base note merge with a leather accord, generating an audacious fragrance.


Myrrh Oud Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

As a floriental note of rose, Myrrh Oud embodies the preciousness and refinement of a floral accord that is masterfully developed around rose and orange blossoms. This fragrance discloses its delicate heart note through a fresh and spicy head note of bergamot and elemi, further sweetened by liquorice. Myrrh and oud give an oriental touch to the fragrance, further embellished by the Tonka bean.


Divine Rose Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

Divine Rose is a romantic fragrance. Its heart contains an exhilarating rose note, further sweetened and exalted by delicate touches of white flowers and mysterious woods.
Noble spices enrich the composition of its head note, while seductive accords of amber and oud ignite the fragrance. This combination combined with the poudrè note of musk makes the overall creation warm and dreamy.


Orchid Oud Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

This is a refined fragrance like the flower whose name it bears. Orchid Oud embodies the elegance and nobleness of black orchid and oud, which generate a seductive and passionate olfactory composition. The heart note reveals the ideal union of refine orchid with intoxicating jasmine, further enriched by a gourmand touch of chocolate. This new creation is exalted by the velvety notes of sandalwood and the persistent notes of patchouli.


Pearl Bouquet Extrait De Parfum 30 ML

This is a refined fragrance like the flower whose name it bears. Orchid Oud embodies the elegance and nobleness of black orchid and oud, which generate a seductive and passionate olfactory composition. The heart note reveals the ideal union of refine orchid with intoxicating jasmine, further enriched by a gourmand touch of chocolate. This new creation is exalted by the velvety notes of sandalwood and the persistent notes of patchouli. Each phial of these unique collections can be elegantly inserted into each of the six stylistic elegant handmade vases, the colours of which evoke the thousand facets of the unique city of Venice and created in a limited edition by consummate, master glass blowers.

21. Intro-Vasi-Murano_v2_POWERPOINT

Left to Right: Vaso “Nero-Oro/Argento, Vaso “Blu-Bolle Oro”, Vaso “Canne Multicolore”,  Vaso “Verde-Oro”, Vaso Tipo Maori “Rosso-oro”, Vaso Tipo “Veronese”

23. Aau de toilette

Murano Exclusive

The Murano Exclusive collection is the ideal combination of unique fragrances; created by renowned master perfumers, they have the added refinement of being contained in typical Venetian blue and gold coloured glass bottles.

These masterpieces reinterpret in a modern key the most classic shape of Murano glass design and are further enriched by decorations that, individually, originally inspired in turn the name of the respective perfume. It is a collection of exclusive Eau de Parfum Concentrée, each with its own olfactory signature expertly crafted: the floral and oriental heart notes confer a unique, refined, and definite character to each creation.


The Museum Collection

The Museum collection is a set of 40 monothematic Eau de Toilette that cover the most popular raw materials used in perfumery throughout Europe and Asia. Fragrances are divided by olfactive families, and could be worn solo or together with other fragrances of the collection. The forty Eau de Toilette are accompanied by twelve Eau de Parfum Concentrée, carefully calibrated to guarantee a high degree of persistence.

24. Eau de parfum

Eau de Toilette  

Merchant of Venice Montaigne Place OnoBello-24

Eau de Parfum

The Murano Candle

An exclusive collection that is the ideal expression of quality and refinement, and one specific to the intimacy of home. This dedicated collection was created to welcome guests in a distinctive and original manner, as well as affording them an unforgettable memory.

These refined fragrances contribute to create unique atmospheres such  as: warm and comfortable Amber, intense Cashmere Wood, freshly clean and open-air feeling of Egyptian Linen, and the freshness of Orange Flowers.


The Perfumer Kit Lux

A distinctive and commanding element of The Merchant of Venice is the Perfumer Kit: a complete set of instruments and ingredients that affords the possibility of translating desires into fragrances by utilising two bases (50ml each) and six facets (10 ml each); the facets contain different mixtures of essences, one for each main olfactory family.

By following the manual supplied with the Perfumer Kit, users can create their own 20 ml Eau de Toilette and bottle them in the special spray purse.

26. Perfumer kit lux



These prestigious collections are now available in Nigeria, exclusively at Montaigne Place. Call 081809900960 for enquiries and log on to to place your order.

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