Zack Orji, Tayo Faniran, Matt Stern, Palesa Madisakwane, More, in Movie ‘Descent’ | Watch Trailer


The July 2016 completed film “Descent” directed by Nigerian born Director/Producer Awal Abdulfatai bagged its first recognition award at the Special Movie Awards (SMA) in the Republic of Gambia. On the night of the event which took place at the Coco Ocean Resorts and Spa in the heart of Banjul on the 30th of September, attendees witnessed the first public screening of the official trailer whilst it’s already been penned for the award amongst the veteran officiating judges.

The film “Descent” is a Pan African production which featured stars from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Angola and Liberia. It starred legendary actors like Zack Orji, Matt Stern, Palesa Madisakwane, JT Medupe, Tayo Faniran, Benedikt Sebastian and host of others. The film was shot on locations in South Africa though telling a true African story of family, betrayal, trust, greed and power. Descent is a hybrid of drama and action as the suspense and emotions put the viewers on the edge and in tears.

According to the producers, Descent his set to hit the big screens of International Film Festivals and Cinemas across the continent and beyond cum June/July 2017. However there will be special media screening for select movie critics and blockbuster columnists in South Africa and Nigeria by the end of the year.

The film “Descent” tells the story of two underworld kingpins whose greed and thirst for power and vengeance brought them to hurting each other’s family. The cold look on Zack Orji’s face in the trailer and the stern gaze of Matt Stern say more about the thrill and battle for supremacy we will witness in the masterpiece.

“This trailer is just a tip of the iceberg. The mind-blowing scenes are still on hold for the finale trailer before the releases. Like I mentioned, let’s just whet the viewers’ appetites” The director laughed after been asked his take on the trailer first cut.

Enjoy below!

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