Zodiacaa’s Latest Campaign Starring Alexx Ekubo Wants You To Express Your Unique Astrological Sign

Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--2

Alexx Ekubo

Did you know that getting the right birthstone stone and metal in jewelry can provide you with many different qualities to help your health and many other things?

But not to worry because whatever your sign is Nigerian-American model and designer Fancy Acholonu has launched a zodiac sign jewelry store called ZODIACAA. The first and only one stop shop to buy beautifully designed star sign jewelry for women and men.

Zodiacaa did a soft launch this past July, the collection started out with only rings that were designed from scratch by Fancy. The rings are so uniquely designed you won’t find it anywhere else. Today the store is extending its offerings to include zodiac necklaces, earrings and so much more to come.

Fancy, the young new jewelry designer and business owner has years of experience in the fashion industry as a commercial and fashion model. What inspired her to create Zodiacaa was her extreme passion and knowledge in astrology and her love for beautiful jewelry. Her desire to create and launch this store was to give people who wish to express their own unique astrological sign in a stylish way. Zodiac sign jewelry is timeless it captures the personality and essence of the person wearing it.
Everyone has a zodiac sign so everyone has something they will love at Zodiacaa, with several styles, sizes, and color options. Itʼs the best place to get a gift for yourself or someone else because itʼs timeless and unique to each person.

Check out the elements of astrology Zodiacaa campaign shoot featuring Fancy Acholonu and actor Alexx Ekubo. Also check out below some of the zodiac products thatʼs in the store now!

Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--4


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello-


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--3


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--5


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--6


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--7


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--9


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--8


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--10


Zodiacca Alexx Ekubo OnoBello--12


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