15 “Silly” Things We All Take For Granted, But They Matter More Than You Think!

1. A dress that hugs your curves in all the right places and leaves you feeling like a million bucks.

2. Magic underwear. (Well, why do you think our grandmothers always looked so good?)

3. Birthday cake. Hey, kilojoules don’t count if you’re celebrating.

4. Falling in love, running a company, buying a home…Real life stuff.

5. Friends kind enough to post only the good photos.

6. Saving the environment and world peace. Or, erm, inner peace.

7. Heels that make your legs look so totally amazing that nobody’s noticing anything else about you.

8. Cooking something delicious for people you really love (or ‘letting’ them cook something delicious for you!).

9. Cupcakes! Brightly coloured, edible pieces of perfection.

10. Drinking a dirty martini at a hot city bar. What could be more GLAM?

11. Not being the boring girl who orders a salad and water on a first date. Steak, wine and dessert please!

12. Breakfast in bed with a fabulous book, a fabulous duvet, a fabulous man, or all the above.

13. The fact that your body- miracle that it is! – is healthy, strong and free of pain.

14. Watching a box set of Grey’s Anatomy with an enormous bar of Lindt chocolate.

15. Dissecting your love life over dinner and a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with your best friend. Crisis averted, problem solved.


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