3 Essential Natural Hair Tools You Must Have

38295956_237221276937769_754180438813048832_n Keeping it natural has never been easy especially for ladies with thicker hair. Natural hair is really pretty when styled neatly and taken care of properly. The real  secret to achieving a healthy natural look is taking care of your hair. Because your hair is a very essential part of your body that portrays how pretty you are so you have to take care of your hair with every resources you have.

There are 5 essential natural hair tool you must have to take care of your hair easily

  1. Afro comb: Afro comb is basically what you  need to get at first. Because of how thick your natural hair is you need an afro comb to stretch your hair and comb it out. Normal combs are good too but the best comb to use are afro combs.


2. Spray bottle: You might be wondering what a spray bottle is used for. Let me help you. A spray bottle  enables you spray your hair easily. There are different ways of getting a spray bottle, you don’t have to buy one, you can look for an empty bottle and mix your oil, water or  anything you want to mix in the bottle just to keep your hair soft and locked in your style.



3. Satin cap: Satin caps are used to keep your hair moisturized while sleeping. This caps keeps your hair healthy.

silk caps

There are other tools in keeping your hair healthy but these three are the basics for starting your natural hair journey.

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