30 & Thriving! Dodos Uvieghara Celebrates Birthday With Breathtaking New Photos

Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (4)

Happy birthday to one of our favourite beauty vloggers Dodos Uvieghara!

The talented make-up artist who turned 30 on Friday November 27 took to Instagram to share a fabulous editorial photoshoot (which she’s always wanted to do) and she looks effortless in all the shots.

In her caption for the photos Uvieghara reflected on how she used to be afraid to hitting the big 3-0 due to the societal pressure that came with ageing for women.

“I once dreaded being 30 mainly because of the societal pressures imposed especially on us women. But thinking about the last couple of years and everything that has happened in my life, I realize that it is nothing to be afraid of,” she wrote.

Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (3)The lifestyle and fashion influencer continued, “I can relate to this list hat @onlyronx wrote being a woman in her 30s because entering this stage of my life has given me new perspective on key aspects of my life:

. You are clearer on your purpose and direction
. You have fewer and better friends
. You can call people out on their BS
. You don’t care what people think
. You are more confident
. You prefer conversations over confrontations
. You have more money than you 20s
. You have more experience to draw from
. You have no time for mindless conversations
. You are hotter because you are more confident
. You realize than staying at home is underrated

So cheers to being 30🥂”

Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (7)


Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (5)


Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (2)


Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (1)


Dodos 30th Birthday OnoBello (6)


Photography: @adebayophotographer
Styling: @mosesebite
Hair: @ferdinandshair
Makeup: @iamdodos

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