32-Year-Old Ugandan Student, Lulu Jemimah Gets Fed Up Of The Pressure To Marry; Marries Herself


Lulu Jemimah who is a 32-year-old Ugandan student is reported to have herself after getting fed up of her parents lecturing her to settle down with a man.

Lulu took the decision to tie the knot to herself in August at a ceremony attended by close friends and family. The Oxford University student hired a dress and walked to the venue to the traditional wedding march before giving a speech to her guests, Daily Mail reports.

Lulu’s parents were baffled by her decision; she says her father “doesn’t know what to say”.

She says her father wrote her wedding speech when she turned 16 and her mother’s prayers would include “a good husband”.

The 32-year-old’s parents didn’t attend the ceremony but did go and see her mother to explain her choice”.

“When we talked the next day she was a bit confused and slightly hurt, but explained that by even wearing a wedding dress it proved I was ready for marriage.

Lulu arranged her ceremony at Quepasa Bar in Kampala, Uganda on August 27 – the same day she turned 32 years.

She hired a dress for free and spent £2 (about UGX9,800) on a taxi to Quepasa. The rest of her day was graced by freebies and gifts from friends.

One of her friends did her makeup in the loos at the venue and the bar owner “played the wedding march as she exited the toilets and walked into the venue”.

A friend designed and printed her invites while her brother baked the cake for the day.

“I sent these out I immediately received phone calls asking who the groom was. I told people it was a surprise, it’s shocking the price of wedding gowns in Uganda but when I told them I was marrying myself they offered to find me their cheapest dress.”

Lulu is focusing on studies in a masters in creative writing at the prestigious Oxford University.

She told Daily Mail that she has a “strong passion in life and is committed to achieving her goals at becoming an academic.

“But all my family wanted to ask me was when I planned to get married – which is very important back in Uganda – followed by when I would be having children and starting a family”.

“But I just didn’t want to think about walking up the aisle. It’s not the thing which keeps me up at night

“Then I decided, you know what weddings seem so important here – I will marry myself.

“Marriage is an expression of love and commitment, however for many people back home, it is still considered the only way to guarantee a woman’s financial security.”


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