4 Nail Polish Colors To Try This Christmas

5. Nail polish

Get your nails buffed and polished in the right shades for the festive season. There’s really nothing wrong with having the glitziest nails at the party after all, it’s the time for merriment and all should indeed be bright.

Metallic or glittery, there’s no such thing as over-the-top for you nails at Christmas. It’s all up to you. Below are 5 nail polish colors we think you should try this Christmas!

  1. Green

This brings memories of pines and Christmas trees. It’s a fun mix of edgy and festive and this shade is just divine.

  1. Red and Gold

What is Christmas without the colour red? We love how this Revlon Metallic Galaxy is an infusion of red and gold. You get red and you get gold, two perfect Christmas colours.

  1. Plum Wine

Fruity fun is what comes to mind. This Deborah Lippmann nail colour in miss independent is one shade you should definitely try out.

  1. Blue

This shimmery navy blue shade is just gorgeous. It’s bold, dark and festive, thanks to the shimmer.

Nail polish is another fun way to accessorize so why not get into the mood this festive season.

1. Marc Jacobs - Green 2. Revlon - Metallic Galaxy
3. plum wine 4. Opi - blue





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