5 Days Of Celebration! Lagos Cocktail Week Set For October 2016


We are so excited to announce OnoBello.com’s partnership with the Lagos Cocktail Week 2016.

Lagos Cocktail Week is the brainchild of Ms. Lara Rawa, a trained mixologist, astute cocktail enthusiast and CEO of Eventi Cocktails. The Lagos Cocktail initiative serves as a platform for the celebration and promotion of the cocktail culture in Nigeria through events, seminars, training sessions, etc.

Its aspiration at Lagos Cocktail is for cocktails and the cocktail industry at large to be recognised as an integral aspect of the Nigerian beverage industry.

The first Lagos Cocktail event was held in October 2014 as a week-long event known as The Lagos Cocktail Week (“LCW”). The Lagos Cocktail Week is a unique celebration of the cocktail culture in Nigeria that provides cocktail enthusiasts an opportunity to converge, celebrate and promote cocktails through a host of seminars, pop up bars, tastings and master classes. The 2014 event was a tremendous success which led to a subsequent event in 2015. Following the successes of both events, LCW has become a permanent feature on the Lagos social calendar.

The Programme Lagos Cocktail Week 2016

October 10 Master Class with Enitan Allison

October 11 Master Class with Ronke Sobodu

October 12 Mixologists Brunch

October 14 Grand finale/Bartenders Competition


To get involved contact via Email: info@lagoscocktail.com | Call 0700-Cocktails www.lagoscocktail.com | Instagram: @lagoscocktail


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