6 Deadly Beauty Sins + Answers For Kicking Those Bad Beauty Habits

Whether it is over-plucking brows or forgetting to remove makeup, these are the answers for kicking those bad beauty habits.

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1. Following trends slavishly
You may have fallen in love with this season’s head-turning trends, but can you actually pull them off? The golden rule of makeup is “Wear what works for you”. What looks great on a model after hours of preening might not translate to real life.

The virtuous path: Take just a few details from a runway trend for an updated look.

2. Applying too much product
When skin is dry, it is tempting to slather it in moisturizer. The reality, though, is that too much product can overload pores, making it impossible to absorb any creams.

The virtuous path: The key is finding the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type and using it only where needed.

3. Over-plucking eyebrows
In the quest for perfectly groomed brows, it is easy to get carried away with plucking. Uneven, thin brows can dramatically age your face.

The virtuous path: When it comes to getting the shape right, this is a job best left to the professionals.

4. Not trimming split ends
You have been growing your hair for months, but while you’ve been avoiding the salon, your hair is decreasing in health. And not only do split ends make hair look dull, they restrict further growth, too.

The virtuous path: Keeping hair in great condition is the best way to prevent split ends.

5. Not removing your makeup at night
After a long day, removing your makeup might be the last thing you feel like doing, but it is probably the most important. When you sleep in makeup, skin isn’t given a chance to regenerate and recover from the daily stresses it faces (including free radicals from pollution and UV radiation). Over time, these free radicals produce enzymes that cause collagen to breakdown, which leads to fine lines and premature aging.
The virtuous path: Keep a stash of hard-working cleansing pads on your bedside table. This Works In Transit No Traces may have been designed for travel, but works brilliantly as a standby to remove all makeup and impurities fast, leaving skin feeling fresher.

6. Picking your blemishes
Squeezing an angry spot might seem harmless but can actually worsen the problem by pushing bacteria deeper into the skin and spreading infection. Worse still, it can lead to prolonged inflammation. If you actually damage the skin down to the dermis, you can create a permanent scar.

The virtuous path: Look out for treatment products that contain benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria, and salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory with powerful exfoliating properties that helps to unclog dirty pores.

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