8-Year-Old Girl From Delta Writes President Buhari, Donates N2,350 To Fight COVID-19

8 Year Old Girl Writes To Buhari Donates Her Savings OnoBello

As donations in billions come from Nigerians to help battle against the raging pandemic, Vera Akpan, an 8-year-old girl from Delta has written a letter to President Buhari Muhammadu, while donating all she had in her piggy bank.

According to Daily Trust, the little compatriot wrote to the president requesting on how she could donate her saving of N2,350 to the country.

She said the country’s need for the money is vital to fight the pandemic, hence the reason for her donation.

She reportedly explained in her letter that “I’m not from a rich home but God kept us going. I have a savings box, where I presently have N2350 I wanted to donate to an orphanage home in Warri, Delta state. But, the need of the country is vital to me. The money is very little, but please accept it from me as a child.”

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