A Modern Take On Classic! Funke Fowler Kuku For BM|PRO June Issue

1-Modern Take On Classic-OnoBello

The June issue of BM|PRO beauty editorial features the gorgeous Funke Fowler Kuku. What we love about the make up looks is the simplicity—nude eyes, groomed brows, bright lipstick, and hair. It’s a classic that still feels modern.

Make up artist extraordinaire Banke Meshida Lawal writes about the shoot, read below:

“Just before starting Funke’s makeup the other day, I asked “Why are your Lower eyelashes so long?!!!!! And this Hair too, why?!!!! She looked at me apologetically and mumbled “I don’t know o” I burst out laughing and said “Funke, chill! I’m not scolding you in fact I’m in Awe!” We both started laughing and she said

“Ahn ahn the way you attacked me ehn, I had to be sorry or something”

Too much makeup doesn’t flatter Her but strategic product placement is what I strive for when working on Funke. 100%Mink Eyelashes is also a personal favorite for her top lashline. They don’t come cheap so I reserve them only for people in the know and she is definitely one!”

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