Scandals And Jokes – A Tale Of Two Sexes By Chioma Obiefuna

Ooohhhh…whispers everywhere! The office was abuzz with the latest and most delicious scandal yet – a married female supervisor had been harassed with allegations of ‘husband snatching’ by the wife of her younger and subordinate male staff. You could almost touch the excitement in the air as the gist was passed from table to table. People love a good story but when it’s spiced with juicy elements, it becomes the favoured dish of the day.

There was a problem with the story though – it was mostly based on conjecture as no one had been tried and found guilty yet. ….but who cares? A young hot boy with a cougar supervisor …no one wanted the real story as that might put a damper on things. Within the day, the female supervisor was tried and judged guilty in the court of public opinion. Background information on her ‘supposed transgressions’ abound – from the alleged sexual chemistry, obvious favouritism and shameless love for the guy, there appeared to be many witnesses to this romance. Everyone, up to the management level (and this is a huge corporation) wanted in on the inside story – where they were doing it, when they were doing it and how the guy’s wife found out. In the midst of all the hoopla, no one remembered to ask the important question: was there proof of this romance? A question that was especially important considering the lady in question was married with kids and pregnant at the time…hmmm.  She was later found to be an innocent victim of the new and crazed wife of her staff, but this verdict came a little too late as her name had made many trips round the building.

Haahhh…chuckles and belly laughter everywhere! The office was abuzz with the amusing gist of a male colleague’s tomfoolery. The married and much older male supervisor had been caught with his hands in the cookie jar – literally. He had been fired over concrete evidence of the sexual harassment of his subordinate female staff and a mail was released to inform all staff of this development and warn others to desist from such unacceptable behaviour. Inside story was that the guy had been forcefully having his way with his subordinate female staff for years. It was common knowledge but no one was willing to put themselves out there by reporting him until a fresh faced innocent had refused to be coerced into a sexual relationship with him despite threats. She had gone a step further and captured his threats and coercions on camera as proof of his transgressions. 

Like the former story, there was also a problem with this one. It was completely based on facts but the reactions of the people were different. People wondered aloud why he didn’t pursue her in a more subtle way; they wondered why he didn’t scratch the itch with the hundreds of girls lined on the streets in various red light districts; they joked about everyone else doing it and how he was stupid enough to get caught; they wondered if management had been a bit too harsh. In the midst of all this, no one remembered to ask the salient questions – how long had he been getting away with this; how many men were involved in such coercive sexual relationships with their young staff; how come most people found it more amusing than scandalous that this guy, married with kids, was caught with his pants down, literally, in a hotel room with the young staff?  No one cared …after all, boys will be boys and who doesn’t like a pretty young thing, even if the thing has severally said she was not interested?

Stuff like this open our eyes to the very true reality in the tale of the two sexes and makes us realise that despite all the strides the females have made in their race of equality with the men, the gap will always be there – it’s just the way things are. It will remain a world where it is scandalous for a female to be caught cheating but incredibly amusing when a man is caught doing the same thing or worse; where a girl who’s had a string of boyfriends is a slut and a man with a string of girlfriends is a ladies man; where girls are hounded on the need to stay sexually pure while boys are encouraged to sow their wild oats; where girls would rather be seen than heard while mediocre boys can take centre stage just because they have a third leg. Like it or not, this is the way it is and it will probably never change. In the tale of the two sexes, the figurative missionary position will continue to rule as the men will almost always be on top.



Chioma Obiefuna



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