Abuja Woman Stages Lone #EndSARS Protest Inside The National Assembly | WATCH

National Assembly Protest #EndSARS OnoBelloA Nigerian lawyer identified as Asanya Ndidi has staged a lone protest against the extrajudicial activities of the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) inside the National Assembly complex in Abuja.

Asanya who reportedly works in the National Assembly Complex, was captured in a video which has since gone viral holding high a placard which read the inscription #SARSMUSTENDOW.

She was protesting against the SARS tactical unit of the Nigerian Police Force over harrassment, illegal arrest, extortion, extra-judicial killings, among others. This is the first time, a protester has moved from the streets to inside the complex to send their grievances to the government.

Although security officers were trying to undermine her to stop her protest, lawyer Asanya Ndidi stood to her grounds and protested with her placard. She could be heard telling officers not to destroy her placards

Asanya’s friend who shared the video on twitter wrote, “After my being teargassed on Friday when I joined the protest, and got sick afterwardsPensive face, my roommate @AsanyaNdidi took it upon herself to continue the #SARSMUSTENDNOW protest, and was brave enough to protest alone in the National Assembly where she works, a national treasure!”

Watch the chilling moment below:

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