According To Forbes, Kanye West Is The World Highest-Paid Musician

Kanye West Highest Earning Musician OnoBello

Fresh off his new billionaire status, Kanye West is once again making major financial moves as he has just being revealed the world’s highest-paid musician.

In the highly-anticipated list of the world’s highest-paid celebrities released by Forbes, West is sitting comfortably at the top and he has made so much money this year that he is $90 million ahead of the musician in second place, which is Elton John.

Not only is he the world’s highest-paid musician, but he’s the second highest-paid celebrity overall, coming just behind Kylie Jenner. Kanye West has made an estimated $170 million so far in 2020 and we are still six months away from the end of the year.

The bulk of Kanye’s massive funds are the result of his successful Yeezy sneaker deal with Adidas and he also owns 100% of Yeezy—which is reportedly worth 1.3 billion, giving Kanye’s estimated net worth a boost to over 3 billion.

As for the other hip hop artists that trail behind Kanye on the list, Diddy made $55 million in 2020, JayZ with $53.5 million, Drake raked in $49 million, Travis Scott cashed in at $39.5 million among many others.

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