According to MailOnline. Idris Elba Gives Suave Performance In D’banj’s New Music Video ‘Confidential’

Idris-Elba-OnoBello (1) Idris Elba in ‘Confidential’ video 

They said he was ‘too street’ to be James Bond, but London-born Hollywood hottieIdris Elba has shown that he can deliver a whole lot more than what we see on TV.

In the official music video for D’banj’s hot new single, ‘Confidential’ Elba was the epitome of cool in his feature performance.

Idris-Elba-OnoBello (2)

In the black and white video, the 43 year old star dressed in a dapper grey suit, crisp white shirt and bowler hat gave us an interesting performance rapping about G-strings and his exploits.

Don’t take our word for it, watch the video here and tell us what you think?



Source: MailOnline




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