Acoustics With Lami Premieres On Classic Lounge With Buki On Classic FM 97.3

Following the back-to-back releases of the “Titi Lai Lai” video and “Romantic Boy” single featuring K9, Team Lami is moving none stop, this time bringing you Acoustics with Lami in association with Classic FM.

The Acoustics with Lami experiment started off during a fun studio session. Being one to enjoy the timeless classics and frequently revert to them during live performances, Afro soul sensation Lami Phillips thought to share this side of her with her fans.

The idea behind the experiment is that Lami shares excerpts of her studio sessions weekly. Every month Lami will pick a love related theme and share her interpretation of classic medleys (Nigerian and international). The fun twist? Each session will be unscripted and unrehearsed.

Of the sessions, Lami says, “This is just me having fun doing what I do. A lot of people who came for LamiUnplugged have asked me to do this. Some TV stations have asked to be a part of my sessions, so here goes.”

So every week, for the next four months, Lami will share excerpts of her sessions with us while changing the themes every month.

These sessions will be brought to the audience by Classic FM 97.3 with OAP Buki premiering the sessions on her show Classic Lounge every Wednesday.

The month of June is about the ever-prevalent universal theme “heartbreak”. Let’s see what Lami does with this!

Download the song here


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