Actress Bose Reveals Her Husband, Rasaq Omotoyossi Has Been Cured Of Domestic Violence

omoActress, Bose Omotoyossi, who is married to Beninese footballer, Razak, has said she and her husband were now ‘cured’ from domestic violence. It would be recalled that the actress had told Sunday Scoop sometime ago that they were both undergoing therapy.

“The therapy has been very helpful and now, I can say we even understand and love each other more. It is normal for marriages to have tough times but what matters is how you come out of it. There will be nothing like domestic violence in my home again.” She said.

In June, this year, 2018, it was reported that the actress split from husband of 10 years, Rasaq. Which she revealed in a social media post saying: “I have made up my mind Razak Omotoyossi you are a wife beater. I can no longer go on.”

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