Adebola Williams Speaks On The Power Of Learning At Dare2Dream Season 4 Masterclass Series! Watch


The Dare2Dream masterclass series continues as we continue to bring you  opportunities to learn from stories of very important business and entertainment entrepreneurs.

The 6th Masterclass was anchored by Debola Williams, Co Founder Red Media, a leading communications firm in Nigeria.

At the masterclass he urged the youths to not underestimate the power of learning, adding that it wasn’t just about learning, it was also about what you could do with what you learnt.

He also said, “A man’s talent will make way for him but hard work will set him apart from everyone else”. “Think about life as a school, where there are certain levels and stages to, so do not get comfortable at any point else, you will be stuck and unable to move to the next level”, he concluded.

The Masterclass series continues with Steve Babaeko. Do not miss it as there will be more secrets of success shared. It promises to be educative and highly inspirational.


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