#AFDW17! African Fashion & Design Week 2017: Day 2 – Weiz Dhurm Franklyn

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7122

Fashion brand Weiz Dhurm Franklyn showcased on the day 2 of African Fashion and Design Week 2017 at Federal Palace Hotel and Casino, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

See runway photos from the showcase below.

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7126

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7127

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7128

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7133

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7138

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7148

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7149

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7154

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7161

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7162

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7163

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7172

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7173

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7177

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7179

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7188

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7189

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7190

WDF AFDW17 OnoBello.com-7117


Photo credit: Stylesquad for Studio24 Nigeria

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